Easy Rider Tour Vietnam – Real Vietnam Jorney

Same same but BETTER

Well, where to start. Maybe with the beginning. We havent even planned to go on a Easy Rider Tour until my sister met Dung on the street. The comments and reviews in his book were outstanding so was his great laughter and attitude so we decided in ten seconds to hit the road with Dung and his brother Han. The best things always happen unexpectedly, right? It was more than great!!! We did 5 days and travelling with Dung and Han was truly amazing. Dung is a walking dictionary and knows everything about the country and its rural population. We stoped sooooo many times on the road to walk literally into the living rooms, fields or small shops of the people and farmers living in the Vietnamese inland. Not one other tourist we have seen the first two days of our trip. Dung is great, happy and very generous with laughter. Han is the quiet person in the background that would go even at night somewhere to organize some cookies if you want so. We can go home with so many great stories of seeing real Vietnam. We also have made some new friends we are already missing. In 3 words…go for it. Dung is special and we found ourselves often far away from the tourist hotspots. >Same same but better> is the slogan of Dung Easy Rider. We confirm that from the botton of our heart.

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